Strength training is important for life and for sport.

Strength training also helps with flexibility and fat- loss.

Strength training can be incorporated into cardiovascular training to get the benefits of both.

Everyone can benefit from strength training to improve well being, mental health and Build CONFIDENCE.


I recently decided to start adding some cardio to my training. After my wife and I recently had a new baby boy back in April. I had put on weight specifically body fat, my energy levels and healthy attitude would make huge fluctuations during the week, which would also make training a lot tougher than it already is.  My weight gain was caused by too many sugary snacks after dinner then my snacks became dinner.  I was lifting 6 days per week, (specifically  weightlifting) which is the snatch and clean and jerk plus squatting 5 to 6 days per week. So I was getting  plenty of strength work in  but I also knew that I could add in cardio to help me push my mindset by doing conditioning workouts when I didn’t want too. I had learned not to do cardio by focusing in on lifting heavy weights often.  My question was will conditioning hamper my weightlifting. At one point it would if I were competing regularly and I was not. So I didn’t have to stay within my weight class parameters, which is usually a couple kilos above my competition weight. Since I stopped competing last year to focus on my new family and also becoming the new JV Head coach at C.K. McClatchy HS.  There was now OFFICIALLY  alot on my plate which leads to my second cause of weight gain with sugary foods, Stress management. Yes it is one of my go to’s when I need some comfort lol, either from training hard or life, I do also turn to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I was also working my marriage. Yes my new baby boys changed my relationship with my wife. She now dedicated her days to our little boys. So we put our quality time on the back burner to focus on our new family. So I will get back on point. I started back conditioning with just one or two 10 minute kettle-bell workouts per week. I started doing them on Sunday’s this led me to adding in a 45 minute conditioning workout once a week for a month or two then I added in 2 conditioning sessions then I added in 3 sessions per week. This was rough because I did not incorporate cardio for about 4 years!!!!!! I only knew that I needed to get MORE UNCOMFORTABLE TO GET ME TO MAKE SOME CHANGES to my DIET and MY MINDSET.  If it’s easy that it’s worth anything.  My new life was demanding and continues to demand a better version of me, which I’m learning to do on the job of LIFE.   Adding conditioning helped get back the meal prep sunday plan and I weaned myself off of unhealthy comfort foods. This whole process took about 4 months to build into.

My clothes fit better, attitude is back to healthy & positive, I recover better for weightlifting and I’m eating my vegetables again on the regular.

There you go, my fitness journey that took me full circle.