Weightlifting for fitness: For all levels and abilities is possible with the right foundation and right coaching.

Yes with the right amount of coaching and right cues for your body. You too, can use the snatch and clean & jerk to get to your fitness goals. Once you attain the right amount of confidence to move the bar around then it is go time. There is so much we can do a with barbell and there are lots of variations that are possible for almost everyone to achieve a fitter lifestyle.

  1. Weightlifting challenges you in all dimensions of movement.
  2. a.Implementing the Olympic lifts helps create or improve upon = Strength/Power/Explosiveness & reactive strength. These words sound like I’m describing a sports car or an athlete, But anyone with a healthy body and great attitude can benefit from utilizing the snatch & clean & jerk.
  3. a. Weightlifting will help you gain more flexibility/ mobility & ranges of motion under a load which creates a loaded stretch. A loaded increases the bodies ability stretch because of increased body temperature and the weights that cause the body to open up. If there are any sticking points in the ankles, knees, hips, wrists or shoulders then now is a great time to address them by adding in specific stretches or foam rolling techniques and positions.  Over period of time you will feel a difference in the tight areas of the body by either becoming stronger and powerful with more range of motion and better technique in the barbell movements.
  4. Better mobility and flexibility will also create better athleticism, balance, coordination & timing. All these characteristics help people in everyday life challenges too. This helps the mind and body work together faster and more efficiently. One example of using coordination and timing is when you are putting groceries into your car and you almost slip, but because you can coordinate your body to move as one and have practiced timing your catch position meaning you know where and when to move to next as fast as possible.  Now THAT  is what I call injury prevention.
  5. Let’s take a look at the psychological or what you earn on the inside, aspects of using the Olympic weightlifting movements in your  fitness program. They build Confidence/ Perseverance/ Courage and Trust. How? well they will challenge you to believe in yourself with continuos practice and also by overcoming something like putting a heavy bar on your back or overhead. Weightlifting gets us to use mental skills that can only be acquired through hard physical training.  Perseverance develops when you keep going no matter and staying focused on practicing your fitness daily even when challenges arise and they will but then along comes Courage which allows us to show up when and where we need to be when it gets tough.
  6. As I mentioned earlier there are many variations that can be used so you can get a tremendous workout in despite an injury or mobility issue. So there is not excuse for not including the barbell at some point into your training plan.
  7. Enhancing your cognitive abilities such as your though process and learning to create razor sharp focus with learning to clear the mind and using your imagination. These are key components to enhancing your entire fitness program. The ability to see yourself reach your goals in the gym and out of the gym. The practice of visualization was once only for top performers in business, sports or entertainment can now utilized by anyone wanting to improve faster or become better at anything. It all starts in the mind and with the training in the gym allows people to work backwards = meaning it starts with the physical then it becomes more mental.