1. Weightlifting for your fitness

    Weightlifting for fitness: For all levels and abilities is possible with the right foundation and right coaching. Yes with the right amount of coaching and right cues for your body. You too, can use the snatch and clean & jerk to get to your fitness goals. Once you attain the right amount of confidence to move the bar around then it is go time. There is so much we can do a with barbell and the…Read More

  2. A focus on Strength

    As I led a morning workout session with my veteran crew of many years. One of them complained that they felt weak. I have worked with this person long enough to know that they are limiting themselves right away and giving themselves an out or an EXCUSE to not give their best effort. It’s cry out to be heard but not a cry to take action. This athlete has the most ability but uses negativity to st…Read More