1. Weightlifting for your fitness

    Weightlifting for fitness: For all levels and abilities is possible with the right foundation and right coaching. Yes with the right amount of coaching and right cues for your body. You too, can use the snatch and clean & jerk to get to your fitness goals. Once you attain the right amount of confidence to move the bar around then it is go time. There is so much we can do a with barbell and the…Read More

  2. An industry built around becoming? How much coaching do your kids need? Just enough to make the right adjustments and build Winning habits.

    I had a great discussion today with another coach and we talked about travel ball and travel sports based on pay for play and how it has changed the landscape of sports. Playing with the best use to mean you had to be one of the best in the area in which you play. Now are the days where you can pay to play on any team for any sport for pay. I remember a time when you traveled because you won a you…Read More