When it comes to kids, there’s a world of difference between weightlifting and strength training. With weightlifting, it’s a competitive activity that primarily focuses on athletes either lifting heavier weights or displaying bigger muscles. For kids, this can put an unsafe strain on muscle groups, cartilage, and tendons that are still developing.

Strength training can help to enhance your child’s endurance, protect their muscles and joints, improve coordination, and even boost their self-esteem. At Midtown Strength, our trainers put more than two decades of experience to work creating a safe, positive, and fun environment. Since 2008, it’s been our privilege to teach kids about light and controlled movements with a particular emphasis on safely utilizing correct techniques.

Keep in mind that a strength training program for kids isn’t just a scaled-down version of what adults experience. We’re big believers in proper warm-ups and cool-downs, ensuring the weight is light enough, and focusing on technique and form instead of just the amount of weight lifted. While the results won’t happen immediately, your child will eventually notice the difference. Proper instruction can encourage a lifetime of fitness. For more information, contact us online or by phone today.