Camilo Gutierrez

Camilo Gutierrez


Camilo Gutierrez is the the owner and head coach at Midtown Strength and Conditioning in the Southside Park neighborhood of Sacramento. Midtown Strength & Conditioning has been open for 8 years. Prior to MTSC, he worked at several noted gyms in the Sacramento region including Body Tribe, Muscle System and Capital City Health Club.

Camilo is a firm believer that our bodies are tools to unleash our overall abilities and we are without limits in the gym if our minds are free, and he has applied this belief to his own life.

A star baseball player at McClatchy High School (Sacramento), Sacramento City College and the University of Texas, Camilo now excels in the arena of sports fitness, bodybuilding and intense strength training. His workouts are dynamic and incorporate Olympic lifting techniques, “old school” movements and traditional conditioning.

A natural leader, Camilo has attracted a wide range of clients to Midtown Strength and Conditioning…from law enforcement officers to firefighters, bodybuilders, executives and many people in between…he pushes each to achieve their goals and realize their overall fitness potential.

Camilo began weight lifting at the age of 13. He has trained under some of the best instructors in the athletic and strength community; including Paul Carmozzi, Jerry Weinstein, Al Biancani, Jim Graf and Chip Conrad. And while he has taken a little from each, he has developed his own unique style of training.

Camilo is a USAW level 1 Coach, he is Crossfit certified and has competed  in Olympic lifting, power lifting, and body building. He also competes regularly for the Barbell Club and competed in the Nationals 2015. His best competition lifts to date are 105 kg Snatch and 140 kg Clean and Jerk.

“Training our minds and bodies to do their best with the programming of long and short term and daily goals keeps us on track for continual improvement. Weightlifting is both an art and skill that can be practiced at any age or ability level. This sport has its highs and lows but our love and passion for this amazing sport keeps us coming back to the next workout or competition. Let Midtown share our passion of weightlifting with you.”

For more info regarding the Barbell Club or Strength & Conditioning, call Camilo Gutierrez at 916 599 5877